Marking Machines

Dot Peen Marking Machines

Pryor manufactures a range of Dot Peen Marking Machines including the Portadot range, Markmate and Benchdot ranges, InDot production-line integrator system, CNC Marking Tool, Multi-Axis Marking Stations and fully-automated robotic marking systems

Traceability and Data Capture Software

Pryor designs and manufactures a range of Software for Traceability, Data Capture, Quality Control, Production Management and multi-station networks. Software is supplied with Pryor Marking Machines and 4000 Controller unit.

Laser Marking Machines

Pryor designs and manufactures a range of Laser Marking machines including the bench-mounted Cabinet Laser, Portable Laser Marking System used in Yorkshire's Steel Man project and bespoke High-Speed On-the-Fly Laser Marking for production lines.

Pneumatic Deep-Marking Machines

Pryor manufactures portable and bench-mounted pneumatic deep-marking machines as part of the Portadot and BenchDot ranges, ideal for for oil and gas/pipeline marking, cast and forge marking and nuclear applications, or marks for later coating.

Bespoke Engraving

Pryor's Engraving team manufactures bespoke speciality hand stamps, logo type, embossing dies, graduation dies, cigarette printing dies, roller dies, packaging embossing type and custom flymark. Send us your artwork and dimensions to receive a quote

Hand Tools for Manual Marking

Pryor manufactures a range of Hand Tools for indent marking, including hand stamps (numbers, letters, Cyrillic, Scandinavian and symbols), Interchangeable Type for multi-character marking in a Holder, CE Mark Stamps and Low-Stress Stamps and Type

Press Marking

Pryor manufactures press marking tools including Interchangeable Type in a Machine Holder, Automatic Numbering Heads and Manual Numberers for use in Pryor Impact Presses, available with manual, pneumatic or integrator models

Bespoke Design-to-Order Systems

Pryor's in-house mechanical, electrical and software design teams have all the capabilities required to deliver a bespoke, turnkey solution for your marking and traceability requirements.

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