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Pryor Marking Technology, the trading name of Edward Pryor and Son Ltd, is a world leader in the manufacture and design of both traditional and innovative marking, identification and traceability solutions.

Founded in 1849 in Sheffield, UK, a hub of manufacturing and the birthplace of stainless steel, the company’s success is built on providing solutions for all manufacturing industries, with extensive expertise in aerospace and automotive standards.

The combination of our breadth and length of marking experience, engineering excellence, and vision has created a customer centric organisation renowned for the highest levels of quality and durability. 

Pryor Design and Manufacture the Widest Range of Permanent Marking Systems in the World

We offer manual punches, handstamps, engraved dies, dot peen marking machines, scribe machines, laser marking and chemical etching

Reduce the Cost of Rework and Recall by Implementing a Traceability System

Pryor software can be used to record component IDs, log production data, check serial numbers and trace components throughout their life cycle, giving fast identification and elimination of quality issues

Proud to Support the Yorkshire Community

There is, however, much more to Pryor than our products. Pryor is committed to the local community, and is proud to be owned by a charitable trust. We take pride in our employees, who continually impress with qualities of vigilance, determination and creativity. We are passionate about helping develop the skills of younger generations through training and apprenticeship programmes. The company is also taking steps to minimise the environmental impact of its activities, continually improving environmental performance and adopting greener alternatives wherever possible.

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